Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition Review

by Zach on March 25, 2012

First off this is one of the best reviews I’ve got to do on omgReviews to date! So I hope you enjoy my review on Evan Sharboneau’s Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition… wow what a mouthful :)

Learn How to Make Some Awesome Effects & New Tricks

Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd EditionEveryone wants to photo shop their brother or sisters face to a sumo wrestler for a birthday card, or slice out an old boyfriends face, or add in a family member to the family reunion picture who was unable to make the plane because of the freak snow storm. But the training and equipment can run up your credit card limit to the max. A new DSLR camera and package that would include two lenses and the necessary equipment costs over $1,000, a full photo editing software package can cost over $500 with all the bells and whistles or you can use the simple point and shoot digital camera you already own plus the basic computer that is sitting in your office collecting dust. That’s what the new Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition book promises to do for you. I have only been using it for three weeks now and I have created amazing effects, perfect pictures, and dazzling artwork.

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It comes with over 295 pages of mind bending illusion tricks, tips, and ideas that will have you crafting images like a pro in a matter of hours. In addition, there are 9 hours of video tutorials to show you exactly how it’s done. Lastly, it contains over 300 images included in this package to provide you with examples of the all the possibilities. So avoid taking hundreds of pictures and only one or two coming out worth showing to your friends and family and starting taking awesome pictures with your basic digital camera today by studying the Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition package today.

The Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition will teach you how to use special effects and basic tools to create awesome illusions with your camera such as the following examples: Flashlights, laser pens, and other items can be used for special effects, how to capture infra-red light for surreal pictures and much more. You can learn how to capture High Dynamic Range photos that turn landscape shots into magic. You will learn how to capture and make 360 degree panoramic shots that make perfect eye candy.

In addition to everything listed above, there is still more. You can learn how to stitch light paintings together with other light paintings to make pseudo art that is pure digital fun. It will even teach you how to make someone invisible within a picture for a great ghost effect. High speed cameras costs thousands of dollars but I was able to take freeze motion pictures just like that made with a high speed camera by using certain features on your basic digital camera. I have been able to take amazing pictures that will always be cherished by my family so I cannot say enough about this great program. One feature that really blows me away is the long exposure shots that can catch light streaks from stars or car lights and gives a great pop like feature that makes the picture standout.

Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition

I highly recommend purchasing this great product for under $100, because you will make it back after just a couple of pictures and feel like you are now a photography artist or professional ready to take on the world. Reading a review is not always a clincher and therefore I highly recommend going to the official website and watching the video and reviewing all the photos of the type of skills you will learn from this amazing guy and his methods. If you are wondering what all those extra features on your phone are and how they are used – look no further. You will learn about ISO focusing, depth of field, white balance, shutter speed, bokeh, and aperture just to name a few of the key elements that will be covered in the trick photography book. But it doesn’t stop there, I was able to learn how to effectively use my flash and then mix it with some key Photoshop plugins and filters and my pictures look outstanding. Lastly, the book will teach you how to take images that people are looking for on stock photography websites, how to market them, and how to increase your sales – so this is not just a fun informational book – it also taught me how to make some extra spending cash by posting my portfolio of images online for people to buy.

So what are you waiting for, if I can make amazing pictures, than so can you! Purchase this book securely through the official website using ClickBank (a secure payment and affiliate processor). It will be the best $100 you have ever spent on an information product with an immediate effect on your abilities.

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